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Kindly note that the indian and state governments, have duped internet and other companies, countries domain registrars, registries and ICANN that raw/cbi employees and their associates like goan gsb siddhi mandrekar, goan bhandari sunaina chodan, gujju school dropout housewife naina chandan who looks like actress sneha wagh , her sons, nikhil, karan, panaji robber housewife riddhi nayak caro, indore robber deepika, asmita patel, ruchika kinge, nayanshree hathwar who have not spent any money on domains, own the domains of a private citizen who they hate to criminally defame the real domain investor, commit human rights abuses without a legally valid reason for the last 10 years forcing the real domain investor to post this explicit disclaimer to prevent further losses

The fake credit for government jobs fraud is a identity theft racket like the vyapam fraud in Madhya pradesh. Usually only hardworking honest citizens, especially engineers with a good JEE rank and some savings are targetted for the identity theft racket. The officials usually ntro employees involved in the identity theft racket will criminally defame their victim so viciously, that it will be extremely difficult to get any kind of paid work in India. Only when the victim will agree to change their name, they can lead a normal life.

They then hope that the victim will come begging to them, and agree to the extremely humiliating and unfair identity theft, give up her impressive resume, savings to the relatives or associates of the officials who are involved in th criminal defamation. The impressive resume is then used by the relatives/associates of the officials to become a director in various companies with a good sitting fee. This fee will become the bribe for the powerful government official. Since there is a shortage of women directors, women engineers with a good resume are targetted for identity theft since the lazy mediocre relatives of the top officials do not bother to answer JEE, work as engineers, they prefer to get married at the earliest and lead the relaxed life of a housewife.

Most people do not expect strangers who have never interacted with them to file fake cases. Hence the ntro employees like parmar, puneet have developed a very sophisticated way of criminally defaming hardworking honest engineers to cheat, exploit them for the rest of her life . Parmar and his fraud associates will make up complete fake allegations of cheating without any proof at all, and the fraud puneet will fake his relation with the engineer he hates, falsely claiming that he is helping , so that she never gets any opportunity to defend herself against the DEFAMATORY FALSE ALLEGATIONS. This allows the fraud duo of parmar-puneet to ruin the reputation of the engineer they HATE, steal her identity and get all their SUGAR BABIES raw/cbi jobs without doing any computer work

To ensure that his fraud was not exposed, puneet spread false rumors that he was HELPING when he was only causing harm, encouraging and rewarding people for making fake allegations . This fraud started in 2010, and after 7 years, it was clear that the ntro employees had no proof against the engineer, and would also never contact her. In reality they HATED her, and did everything possible to criminally defame her, so that they could cheat, exploit her for the rest of her life, to make themselves and their real girlfriends, rich and powerful